Updating the Band Merch Table: Part 2

First and foremost, it's absolutely ridiculous how excited I am to post this. Let my dorkiness begin :)

I found these frames at yard sales this year and have been keeping them for a project:

Frame Number One: $3.00
(Is that a unicorn?)
It has really pretty detail, but there were some stains on the fabric part.

Frame(s) Number Two: $5 for all 3
(Um.. yes. Those are wolves.)

(Do you feel like they are staring into your soul? I do.)

Again, the frames have really nice detail. 
Something to remember when you're "shopping" at garage sales-- find items with potential! You can always clean it up, paint it, change the photo, etc. (I really am turning into my mother.)

Then, I got an idea from several different blogs about purchasing letters from craft stores and decorating them (You can paint them, glue fabric to them, etc). I got ours from Hobby Lobby for about $2.00/letter.

So.. where is all of this going? Well, the band needs a "banner" and a way to display prices for the grid that goes behind the table.  It looks like this normally (okay, it's an old and awful picture-- but I'm trying to give you somewhat of a visual):

Now, add one can of Krylon Metallic Matte Aluminum spraypaint and one can of Krylon Short Cuts Red spraypaint, and we're ready! (Side note: take out the glass/artwork from your frames and wipe down/dust the frames before painting!)

All of my supplies:

The Finished Product:

(both frames are painted the same silver color--just have different lighting in the pictures)

For the larger frame, I ditched the painting and kept the frame open. It draws attention to the bright red TJB letters and helps create a "theme of frames" with the smaller frames. For the smaller frames, I put the glass back in and put in a few sheets of plain white printer paper-- it creates a great surface for a dry erase board. Grab a dry erase maker and you're ready to go! We will list our prices for the merch on the frames. (Sidenote: you could even put a really cool fabric in instead of the white printer paper. Just make sure it's not too busy so that you can read what you write on the glass.)

Total Cost: 
Frames-- $8
Paint--around $10
Paper--had already (aka free)
Dry erase marker--had already (aka free)

Love. Love. Love.

How will I hang them, you ask? My next task: add hooks on the back of each frame so they will hang from the grid. At our next gig I'll take a picture of what everything looks like, so watch for an update :)