A Project for Fall!

Hello my blog friends! I'm so pumped to share a project I finished today! It's simple, cheap, quick, and fall-y (yes, that is a word). Anyway... I've been diligently collecting these for what seems like forever:

Why? So I could do projects like these:

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But I also love projects involving trees/branches like these:


Then, I saw this yesterday and even though it's not made from toilet paper rolls, I thought, hmm.... color behind the toilet paper rolls? (sorry, I know this is long.. I'm getting there):


So basically... I put all of the elements I loved into one project:

What you need:

1. Despite the large amount of toilet paper/paper towel rolls I had above, you will only need two or three toilet paper rolls.

2. Three small art canvases. (I had these left over from my Po' Kids Wall Decoration post, but they are from Hobby Lobby-- a 2 pack is $3.99.)

3. Branches.

How to do it:

1. Smush your toilet paper rolls like so:

2. Cut the toilet paper rolls. I cut mine about a 1/2 an inch each. After this step you could paint the leaves if you want them to be another color. However, I decided to keep the brown color-- one, because I know it would be a pain to paint them, two, I was too cheap to go buy spray paint, and three, I actually liked the brown color next to my branches... it seemed very "natural."

3. Glue your toilet paper rolls onto paper with elmer's glue. Yeah, it sounds weird.. but I think it's the easiest option instead of trying to cut paper exactly to the size of your "leaf"... I used scrap paper from my First Etsy Sale Card and a card I made yesterday. You can use whatever color/design of paper you would like, but I used fall colors (and colors that would compliment the living room). This picture is terrible, but still..

4. While your leaves dry, take your branches and hot glue them onto your canvases in a design you like. (Again, you could paint your canvas instead of leaving it white, but I'm too cheap and the white pops perfectly in the living room.)  You will want to make sure your "main" branch lines up on all three canvases and also have an idea of where your leaves will fit. This is the step where I have to remind myself to have fun with it. I asked my rookie, Crystal, to do this part so it would be more random and not so perfect.

4. Once your leaves have dried, cut the excess paper off.

5. Hot glue your leaves to the canvas. Make sure you thin out the hot glue so you don't see a huge lump of hot glue under each leaf. 

6. Hang it up.. and smile!

It's so.. fall. 

And I love that I used things I already had in my craft stuff and I recycled toilet paper rolls!

Would it be bad to keep it up all year? I can't imagine just using it for fall!

Update: here are some more pictures that I took in better lighting!


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