DIY Ideas for Christmas!

So... I feel like I've been a bad blogger this week, but I'm just trying to get used to writing for my blog and Crafting a Green World. Speaking of which, my first post is up today! It's another toilet paper project-- I'm obsessed, people! I'll be transferring it to my blog next week so keep an eye out :)

Although I have no original inspiration left in my soul (okay.. that's a bit dramatic, but I feel inspirationally drained after this week), I do have 10 amazing DIY Ideas from Pinterest for you all to drool over!

(Side note: if you would like to pin these ideas to Pinterest, please click on the picture and go to the original pin. It's not really fair to the original owner if you pin it under my blog site.. know what I mean? I just want to give credit to the right person!)

Snowflakes using toilet paper rolls:

An adorable button wreath:

Scrabble Christmas ornaments:

Noel Christmas ornaments:
(these are from Anthropologie, but I know you could totally DIY them)

Doilies in the window-- genius:

I cannot get over how beautiful these are:

These Christmas trees are so cute:

Christmas card wreath:

Branch + Christmas ornaments = love:

This isn't decor or anything.. but it's too cute not to post:

I hope to complete at least some of these soon! Hope you all are inspired :)