Inspiration Board for the New Year!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share this post with you that I wrote for Crafting a Green World last week! Speaking of which-- I shared two tutorials this week: A "Happy New Year" Banner from Old Christmas Cards and A New Year's Eve "Resolution Tree." I won't be sharing those tutorials on here, so be sure to check them out!

Now, here is another New Year idea-- an inspiration board

Last week I found this really cool ceiling medallion at a thrift store for 50 cents and decided to make it into something beautiful, but functional. I wanted something that would inspire me and keep me accountable to complete my goals for this year. 

First, clean off your medallion to get off that thrift store gunk haha :)

Then, I started by writing words of inspiration on the "leaves" of the medallion like so:

My mom wrote all the words for me because she has amazing handwriting. She varied the color and font of each word to make it less uniform and more whimsical! To save you the hassle of coming up with a bagillion (or 48) words, here are our words:  learn, give, faith, believe, courage, strength, persevere, confident, hope, sacrifice, inspire, dream, create, renew, energize, power, imagine, challenge, motivate, transform, encourage, positive, discover, initiate, determined, endure, pursue, achieve, diligence, commit, dedication, devotion, try, reach, surrender, aspire, optimism, enthusiasm, trust, gratitude, fearless, strive, ambition, passion, restore, live, intention, plan. 

After that, I took a piece of paper, traced the middle of the medallion, and cut the circle out. Then I put my stencil on my cork board, traced it, and cut it out (I got a huge roll of cork board from my uncle for free! Yesssss).

Once I trimmed the cork board circle and made sure it fit in place perfectly, I hot glued it onto the medallion. To cover up the ugly-looking edges of the cork board, and to add another pop of color, I hot glued beads around the edge of the cork board. (The beads were also given to me while I was in Florida this week-- I love how people know I do crafts now so they give me tons of stuff! My poor self thanks all of you!) 
Now your inspiration board is ready to be hung up:

Now I have a spot to pin up all of my goals for the year!
What do you think? Would this board inspire you to complete your goals?

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