Magazine Christmas Ornaments/Gift Tags

Writing for Crafting a Green World has taught me so much! It has made me really think about things we waste and throw away every day. Everyday items like magazines can be repurposed and transformed into something quite wonderful-- which brings me to this post I wrote for Crafting a Green World. Gather all of your old magazines and make these awesome Christmas gift tags that can double as ornaments!

What You Need:

1. Old magazines.
2. Tape
3. Hot glue and hot glue gun
4. Scissors
5. Twine
6. Scrap paper (The colors I used were red and green!)

How to Do It:

1. Cut your magazine pages into 2.5 in. wide strips. Then, roll it up tightly. You will use the tape to secure your "rolls." I used 17 magazine rolls for the "Merry Christmas" tag and 11 for the "To Mom" tag.

2. Hot glue your magazine rolls together.

3. Take your scrap paper and cut out two rectangles. I did a large green rectangle and then a smaller red rectangle to sort of "frame" each saying.

4. Hot glue the rectangles to your magazines.

5. Get your magazine back out and find cute letters to write out the saying of your choice. 

6. Hot glue your letters to the rectangle. You could glue them on with Elmer's glue if you want.. I just used hot glue because it dries faster and I'm too impatient to wait! If you have little ones, this would be a great way to get them involved with the project and teach them about letters (using Elmer's glue, of course).

7. Cut a small piece of twine. Then, turn your gift tag over. Put a large glob of hot glue on one side of your gift tag and place the twine in it like so:

I used a pin to push it in the glue so I wouldn't burn the rest of my fingerprints off. Battle wounds, my friends.. battle wounds! When dry, this awesome loop will allow you (or the person you give it to) to hang it on their Christmas tree. For the "Merry Christmas" tag I put the loop in the middle and for the "To Mom" tag I put the loop on the side. 

Once all the hot glue has dried, you're finished! This is such a simple and practically free project! I was thinking you could even change the design up by gluing a picture to the magazine rolls instead of a phrase. I kind of got ahead of myself, though, and just put my "Merry Christmas" tag on my Christmas tree! It's too cute not to put up on the tree!

What do you think!?

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