Sheet Music Bottle

Hey friends! This post is something I wrote for Crafting a Green World, but after my sheet music desk, I knew I had to share it with you all as well! Plus, it's super simple to make-- my favorite! 

You will need sheet music, glue, and a some sort of bottle. Some friends of mine gave me several wine bottles after one of their family get togethers, so that's what I used (yay for free crafting supplies!). This is what my bottle looked like before (I took off all of the labels and such):

Then, I tore out some pages from my sheet music books (the same ones I used for my sheet music desk). I tore them into smaller strips so it would be easier to wrap around the bottle. After that, I mixed a little bit of water with some glue. I didn't do exact measurements for this, but you just need to thin out the glue to where it's the same consistency of a soup. I used my fingers to put the glue on the sheet music and then I just put it on the bottle. I put pieces with a straight edge on the bottom of the bottle so it covered the bottle completely:

Once you have covered the bottle with your sheet music, allow it to dry completely.

Now, I must make a confession. My original intention was to make this a cute decoration for Valentine's day by writing "Love" with a red sharpie on top of the sheet music (after it dried, of course). However, it looked a hot messsssssss. So, needless to say, I have the ugly "love" side pointed towards the wall. If you have awesome handwriting, or if you wanted to cut out pretty letters and then paste them to the bottle, I think it would be an adorable idea! Here's my sheet music bottle completely dry:

I have it as decoration on my yellow dresser for now. What do you guys think? What else would you use this sheet music bottle for? Let me know your ideas on the Revolutionaries facebook wall--I would love to hear from you!

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