Upcycle Your Chocolate Heart Boxes into Wall Art!

Do you get these heart-shaped chocolate boxes from your Valentine (or shamefully buy them for yourself like I do)? This year I thought, "After I've devoured all of the chocolate by myself, what could I do with these cute heart boxes?" Well, as I wrote on Crafting a Green World, I discovered a way to recycle them-- turn them into wall art!

You Will Need:

1. Chocolate heart boxes. I used one large one and two small ones.

2. Scissors.

3. Scrapbook paper.

4. Pencil.

5. Glue.

How to do it:

1. Wipe down your boxes. Mine had some melted chocolate inside so you will want to make sure you get all of that out.

2. Separate your boxes. You will use both sides of the boxes--therefore, for the 3 boxes I had, I had 6 hearts. I love how the tops and the bottoms are different thicknesses so it gives your art dimension once it's up on the wall.

3. Arrange your hearts in the way you want them to go on your wall.

4. Choose the colors you want to use. I used this patterned paper on one of the bigger hearts:

On the rest of the hearts, I used colors that matched the patterned paper:

5. Turn your heart over and trace it onto your paper.

6. Then, cut each heart out.

7. Glue the paper onto the chocolate box heart. I used hot glue for mine because, again, I'm impatient. I wouldn't suggest using hot glue, though, because it dried a little lumpy underneath the paper. Use school glue instead :)

You're done!

Other fun ideas for this project-- put pictures in the middle of each heart for a fun gallery wall, or, put a letter on each heart to form a word/name! What colors would you choose for your chocolate heart box wall art? Share your ideas on the Revolutionaries facebook wall or leave a comment! I love hearing from you guys :)

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