My First Craft Blog: Wallflowers

So.. if you haven't figured it out already, I am a major nerd. A major nerd who loves to do crafts when she has spare time (or is trying to avoid homework). I love writing serious blogs where I share my heart, but I also want to write about crafts that I love to do, my favorite yard sale finds, or pictures that I've recently taken. I think it will be fun for me, and hopefully for you too :)

With all that said, I saw this tutorial for Wallflowers on

 and decided to try it out. Her site is absolutely amazing! You can find this specific tutorial



All you need: 3 ply napkins (I used 2 ply, though, and they worked fine), and string (she gives some other options as well).

 I love the different color options you can use on these! Here's how mine turned out:

My mom was so impressed that we put them on the counter to decorate for our Easter family lunch tomorrow.

Then, I decided to reverse the colors:

All three on the counter:

Try it out! :)