New Earrings in My Etsy Shop!

Hey guys! I've been busy the last few days getting together some new earrings for my Etsy shop! They are similar to the orange and lace ones I already showed you all, but I've added in some different colors. Here they are (you can click on the picture to see the price, see the description, purchase them, etc.):

[Aqua Blue]

[Deep Purple]

[Mustard Yellow]

They are the perfect (and inexpensive--$5.00/pair) gift for a birthday or even Christmas-- yes, I did just mention Christmas.. it's about 60 days away people! I need to get going on all the gifts I plan on making!

Anyway... What do you guys think of the new additions? Let me know by leaving a comment-- I'd love to hear your feedback!

Etsy Shop is Open!

Hello! Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive-- just busy with applying to jobs, traveling with the band, etc... and to be honest, I haven't had a lot of motivation to do any crafting/blogging lately. BUT I did manage to get a little motivation today-- in fact, I did two craft projects for my Nana's 90th Birthday  that is next Saturday, and I posted three items in my Etsy shop! 

Click here to view items like this:

Thank you guys for your patience and such! I'll be traveling to Florida this week for Nana's birthday so I may be MIA again.. there's going to be a swarm of family activities and all, but I hope to post at least one blog about the crafts I made to decorate her party. Anddddddd, just for my own amusement I plan to keep count of how many times I'm asked the following questions:

1. Do you have a boyfriend yet?
2. Do you have a job yet?

Gotta' love it. Anyone want to take a guess on the numbers? Haha :)