Nacho and Cheese Cookies

My roommate Crystal works as a worship leader for a youth group and I always go help out with the slides/sound... basically, I'm the tech nerd. It's tons of fun and I love ministering to the youth there! This Christmas, they put together an awesome Christmas party that they named "Christmas Con Queso." The entire theme of the night was Cheesyness-- cheesy food, cheesy music, cheesy games, cheesy sweaters (an ugly sweater contest basically), etc. It was awesome! Crystal and I made our own sweaters from Goodwill sweaters + felt from walmart + hot glue.

I know you're probably jealous of our sweaters :) Anyway, each person was supposed to bring a cheesy food item to share. I knew that the only sweet cheesy option was cheesecake and I was worried that it would be, like, cheese overload, so we got creative. We decided to make nacho and cheese cookies:

Okay, it's not what you think. Keep reading! 
We took a roll of sugar cookies, cut it into slices, and then placed them on the cookie sheet. We made them large slices so that when they cooked, they would spread out over the entire cookie sheet. Once done, we cut them into squares, and then triangles:

We bought icing from the store and just added yellow and red food coloring to make it look like nacho cheese.

After that, we simply put the "cheese" in a small tupperware dish in the middle and put the "nachos" around it. I had hoped to find a cute dish that is specifically for serving chips and salsa/cheese, but I couldn't find one in time for the party. Even so, here are the yummy nachos and cheese in all their glory:

We added a little sign so everyone would understand what it was. The icing seriously looked like cheese so it was a little weird. Anyway, I wanted to share this idea with you all-- it might be the perfect option for that Christmas party you have this week! They're not just your average sugar cookie, and it's such a cute way to serve them! Also, if someone doesn't like icing (those strange, strange people!), they can have a plain sugar cookie. What do you guys think? Are these cool enough to take to your Christmas party this week (or really any party in the future)?

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