Where Have I Been?

"What happened with your blog? It's like you don't even try anymore."

Ouch. It hurt mostly because it's true. I've been thinking about this post for a month now (considering the last time I posted was two months ago) -- how do I explain why I haven't been blogging? I have 10+ pieces of furniture to blog about so really there's no excuse. Even so, here's a few updates on things that have happened in my life:

1. I was promoted to store manger at Hodge Podge -- the antique store where I've worked for 2.5 years and have my craft and furniture booth. It has been stressful and awesome all at the same time. I feel like it's definitely stretching me and making me grow, and I'm thankful to have a job I love!

2. Crystal Padilla Music (I sing background vocals in the band) recorded and released a new album -- Beauty in the Waiting.

It has finally released on iTunes so check it out! We had our album release party last weekend (October 10th) and it was incredibleeeee. 

My family even surprised me and drove through the night from Florida to be there.

I'm so excited to see what God does through this album and the doors He will open this year. Music is my first love, so it overwhelms my heart with thankfulness to be a part of this ministry.

3. My furniture business has been "booming." I'm getting more custom orders -- almost to the point where I can't keep up with them, but that's a great problem to have!

So, all of this to say, my life has been crazy. At the end of the day, I guess I got lazy with my blog because it was the only thing in my life that I could actually say "no" to and put on hold for a moment. 

Forgive me? I want to have a new post up sometime this week and then hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things! 

For all of the bloggers out there -- do you ever need a blogging break? What helps you get back into it?

Thanks for being so patient with me, friends! I love you guys!

The Vintage Orange Sofa Story!

Hey, friends! I haven't had a chance to post any furniture redos this week, so I thought I would tell the vintage orange sofa story! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook :)

A few weeks ago my roommate (Crystal) and I decided that our guest room/music room was used for music more than guests and it was time to make it more comfy for creating music. It's not that we don't love guests, but we have weekly band rehearsals for Crystal Padilla Music (writing for our new album -- yipee!!) and spend quite of bit of time in there. Long story short(ish), we sold the bed in order to buy a couch.

My mind immediately went to a retro/vintage vibe, so I started searching Craigslist. The room is basically a blank canvas, so there were so many possibilities! With a $100 budget, though, I didn't find anything that was vintage and in great condition. A few days into the search, though, I came across a beautiful, vintage, 7 foot long orange sofa. It was fate. (It was within our budget.) It was love. My most favorite part? This beauty was being sold by it's original owner. How cool is that!?

The Vintage Orange Sofa Story!

I texted and emailed the seller, because that's what normal people do (right?) and after I found out someone else was interested too, I made arrangements to go see it the same night I found it on Craigslist. Listen, you have to move fast with Craigslist or someone might steal the perfect orange sofa from you!

I begged Crystal and our friend Chris to come along (because Craigslist can be crazy). We took the band's 4 foot by 7 foot trailer and traveled 40 minutes to see the perfect sofa. When we arrived it was in fact perfect so we started to load it up. Due to a built in shelf inside the trailer, it wouldn't fit. The seller was SO nice and tried to help us squeeze it in, but it wouldn't budge. We decided we would have to remove the shelf... well, I stood back and watched, but Chris and the seller used a drill and crowbar to remove the shelf. An hour and a half later, in the freezing cold, the shelf was removed. 

Sigh of relief. 

The couch went in, but it still hung out 2 inches, so we had to bungee cord the doors shut. It was a hott mess, but it worked. My friends hated me, but I had the perfect sofa in the trailer. 40 minutes later we were home and unloading (around 10 pm).

We went down the hallway, tried to turn the corner into the room and... it wouldn't fit. The couch was so long that it was nearly impossible to turn the corner to get into the room. We tried and tried and tried again from every angle, and it wouldn't fit. So, in the living room it went.

The Vintage Orange Sofa Story!

I went to bed with a sad, sad heart. The next evening, though, my Dad (my hero) suggested that we stand the sofa up in front of the door and then pull it in the door from the bottom. AND IT WORKED! I almost dropped my end of the sofa because I was so excited it was going in.

The Vintage Orange Sofa Story!

So, all of that to say... a makeover of the music room is coming soon! Oh and I have a fun coffee table planned too!

The Vintage Orange Sofa Story!

It will be a slow process because of our budget and all of the projects, but it will be sooo much fun!

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(PS - All of these photos are iPhone photos, so sorry for the poor quality!)

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It's Monday morning and there's so much that I should be doing. Painting, writing before and after posts, cleaning my incredibly messy house. Even still, I find myself wanting to write some things out that are in my head and heart. Maybe they're in your head and heart, too.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you felt like your pastor knew your heart on a Sunday morning? Like God himself whispered in the pastor's ear and said "Bonnie needs you to say ___ this morning." I had one of those moments yesterday. My pastor said this:

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Uncertainty can mean so many different things to so many different people -- perhaps it's uncertainty about your job, money, time, kids, marriage, family, etc. For me, I'm struggling with uncertainty with money. Right when I feel like I have my ducks in a row, something breaks or an unexpected expense comes up, or good ol' Sallie Mae calls to remind me that I still have student loans (please tell me I'm not the only one?)

I went to church yesterday with a plea in my heart: "God give me something to hold onto this morning." And there it came. I even wrote it down like a mad woman in my notes. The weird thing was, it wasn't one of the "points" of his message or really of any "significance" to the message. The message would have been just fine without that statement -- but for me, it was something to grasp onto on a morning where I was reaching out for God to just speak to me.

Did his words take away my uncertainty? No. Unfortunately I still found myself dwelling on the uncertainty this morning. But, it does help me refocus. What is the enemy trying to distract me from?

There are a lot of good, amazing, incredible things happening in my life, too. 
I see that, I know that, I trust that God is doing great things.

But if I'm wrapped up in my own uncertainty, will I see the awesomeness? Or will I be so distracted that I miss it?

Will I be so distracted by ___ that I miss the joy and privilege of serving with Crystal Padilla Music?
Will I be so distracted by ____ that I forget to minister to people at my job?
Will I be so distracted by ____ that I miss what God is doing through this blog?

There are so many statements I could continue writing, but I'll spare you.

God, help me to focus on the certainty that You are God and You have everything under control. Let me not be so distracted by the uncertainty of life that I miss what You're doing, and the amazing things that you are allowing me to be apart of.

So, what about you -- is your uncertainty distracting you from what's important?

Thanks for letting me spill, friends!