Market Makers

Define: mak·er ˈmākər/
a person or thing that makes or produces something.
Synonyms: creator, manufacturer, constructor, builder, producer, fabricator, inventor, architect, designer

When we first started this journey, we never expected to bring other Makers in the shop. I had a few of my friends' products in the shop, though, and I quickly realized that I loved to share about them. There's something about having that constant community of support - sharing ideas, promoting each other, and working together. We started bringing in more and more Makers and I felt like this... this makes my heart happy. We are so thankful to work with and feature some of the best artists and handmade products in our little slice of Georgia!

Check out our current Makers below! "Like" them on Social Media, support their businesses, and come see them at RM! 


Beyond the Stars Boutique

Maker: Jessica Bean Williams

Handmade jewelry that is designed for an unique & chic feel. Hammered metals, antique beads, & modern findings are combined to create wearable works of art.

Find Beyond the Stars Boutique Online: www.instagram.com/beyondthestarsboutique

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Hipster Perspective

Maker: Joshua Neal

We are a creative company specializing in design, decor, and promotion. At RM, we create art prints, stationery, fabric banners, and more!

Find Hipster Perspective Online: www.hipsterperspective.com                                         

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Addylu Candles

Maker: Lindsey Welch

Handmade, hand-poured, 100% soy candles! Addylu Candles are made with soy wax – a natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly resource that’s 100% American made. Each candle is carefully created in small batches, with the goal of a great-smelling, high-quality soy candle!

Find Addylu Candles Online:     www.addylucandles.com

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Crickets Blossom

Maker: Callie Johnson

Simplistic designs, for the whimsy soul. At Crickets Blossom we love to create the perfect felt flower crown for your little one, whether it's for a wedding or a photoshoot or just because!

Find Crickets Blossom Online: www.etsy.com/shop/CricketsBlossom


Jane's Daughter

Maker: Erin Evans

Artist and designer for apparel, accessories & art. I also offer tutorials to encourage and inspire others to discover their own creativity.

Find Jane's Daughter Online: http://www.janesdaughter.com





Huggy Bee & Co.

Maker: Stephanie Dills

Whimsical handmade items for the little Huggy Bees in your life! At RM, we sell crocheted hats, scarves, boho vests (pictured), crowns, mermaid tails, and blankets!

Find Huggy Bee & Co. Online: www.instagram.com/huggybeeco/


The Write Journey

Maker: Dee Kelly

Handcrafted creative lettering and mixed media art. All made with joy, and passion to spread the love of God.

Find The Write Journey Online: www.instagram.com/thewritejourney/




The Key to Missions


Makers: Abbey and Allison Browning

We wanted to think of a simple way we could use our artistic talents to raise money for worldwide missions, and that is when the idea of these key necklaces and bracelets came about. As we began creating our product we realized that they are so fun to make and have inspired us during the process as well. Each key has an inspiring word or value on it that we hope the person wearing it tries to live out daily when wearing one of our pieces of jewelry.

Find The Key to Missions Online: www.thekeytomissions.com


Sawmill Woodworks

Makers: David and Ashley White

We believe home furnishings should have a purpose and a story, just like people. Our wood is sourced as locally as possible and we are passionate about small business and hard work. It is an honor to create meaningful pieces for our customers.

Find Sawmill Woodworks Online: www.sawmillwoodworks.com